No Server/Group Advertising (not anymore at least)
Posted on Friday April 11, 2014

At first I wasn't too concerned, as I thought the worst was a few members being taken away from the community which is fine if they provide a better experience, as it promotes competition.

I did NOT expect to see stupid petty conflicts between a trusted admin and another trusted member, I have decided from this point on to DISALLOW the advertising of groups/servers. Sorry, but while I try to promote other communities they seem to backfire as I get accused of being too friendly with (venom or toasty) and it is just problem after problem.

In other news,
Current VIP players now have permanent status as we update packages to give incentives to smaller donations. Website updates will occur within a couple weeks as exams/school are coming up for me.

Group Associations
Posted on Sunday April 06, 2014

We are not associated with HTC or FH, it's a little silly actually one for advertising and another that takes members of our own. If you have an idea of raffling/events then just let us know.

We do not however restrict other clans/groups visiting our servers & community though as we accept all people.

Just posted this in the comments: (HTC) (FH)

While I believe anyone should be able to make an awesome community, I just want to make it clear we're not associated as all. We try not to be strict like other servers, however blatant server advertising we will strike down upon if we start seeing it. This community wasn't built on going onto other servers and stealing members, we hope others don't start off with that reason as well. AGAIN, I want to make this clear, you can be in another group and visit our servers.

We try to cater to an audience that isn't based on 'join this and get items/rank', but instead you can just chill and hang out like in a pub. If you guys for example would like to see more events, I am still working on an event mods for the server among other things, but please let us know if you want to see improvement

Administrators/Moderators Read This
Posted on Sunday March 30, 2014

Lately me, Dipper, and Jagijix along with others have been seeing a ton of bans coming out. While we believe some of them are rightful bans, we need to see some actual reasons as well. Take a look at the thread,