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The 1989 Hungarian Grand Prix is remembered as one of the ballsy Formula 1 races, with Ferrari brilliant Nigel Mansell demography a affecting and absurd win. It additionally topped our contempo account of the top 10 Hungarian GPs. Here’s our report, which aboriginal appeared in the 17 August 1989 activity of Autosport magazine

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 Best Ferrari Model of The 70s, Ferrari 512 Berlinetta ..

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For the aboriginal time in two years, McLaren-Honda was outpaced. And by a alliance this was the best chase of the season, maybe of several.

Nigel Mansell consistently anticipation he and the Ferrari would be on the clip in Hungary. On condoning tyres, though, the car was a adversity – so abundant so that he spent the activity on chase rubber, apperception on a chase set-up. It was a complete gamble, time able-bodied spent.

Qualifying abandoned 12th, he took the advance from Ayrton Senna with 20 laps to go. Senna was airy in defeat. The man in tears was Riccardo Patrese, who took pole and led for 52 laps afore a radiator burst. According to Nigel this was the best chase of his life. He won by casual bodies – assault them.

‘Mansell, Palmer’ seemed an absurd brace to acquisition at the top of the morning countdown times. Jonathan, abandoned 19th on the filigree afterwards two actual afflicted condoning days, had the Tyrrell set up like team-mate Jean Alesi’s, and begin the administration transformed.

Nigel may accept been disconsolate about condoning abandoned 12th, but had anticipation his asperity through with the affectionate of calm argumentation we accessory with Alain Prost. It takes conduct and aplomb finer to bandy abroad the aftermost session, to accord it over to assignment on a chase set-up, but Mansell ample he had little to lose. He didn’t draft condoning tyres on Saturday afternoon.

“It was frustrating, sliding added and added bottomward the list,” he said, “but I couldn’t get the car to assignment on qualifiers, anyway. Over the two days, I’m absolutely abiding I did added active on chase tyres than anyone else, and I had the accoutrement appealing acceptable on both B admixture tyres and Cs.

“I acquainted appealing blessed the night afore the race; the big botheration was starting so far back.”

Team-mate Gerhard Berger, fourth in the warm-up, was beneath content. The administration was analytic good, but there was a gearbox problem, and Gerhard – who has yet to account a point in 1989 – requested it be afflicted for the race. It was not. And afterwards in the day that would accomplish him actual angry.

The McLaren drivers were additionally in altered frames of mind. Administration was bigger than in qualifying, but Prost’s agent wasn’t acrimonious up properly, and the aforementioned botheration afflicted Thierry Boutsen’s Williams-Renault. The Renault agent was afflicted for the race, but afresh an electrical annihilate meant demography the spare, and it was set up for Patrese. Thierry, a man almighty choosy about set-up, wasn’t thrilled. Riccardo, troublefree in the morning, was relaxed.

In the paddock bodies said that condoning was one thing, the chase absolutely another. Aloof wait, they said; Senna (starting second) will get poleman Patrese by the aboriginal turn; end of story. Well, perhaps. But at atomic there were agrarian cards in the backpack for already (Alex Caffi’s Dallara had able third). And addition was in the elements. Afterwards two canicule of sun, chase morning was bleared and overcast, and spots of rain intermittently fell appropriate up to alpha time.

Patrese got it right. Into the aboriginal bend Senna, as predicted, jinked to the inside, aggravating to affirmation the line. But Riccardo confidently chopped across, and Ayrton absitively acumen was the bigger part. Caffi followed them through, afresh Berger, Prost and Boutsen.

In the advance of the aboriginal lap Martin Brundle spun afterwards authoritative acute acquaintance with Alesi’s Tyrrell, which alveolate for absorption to a damaged undertray.

Patrese’s aboriginal lap was one of which Senna ability accept been proud. At the end of it, Ayrton trailed the Williams by added than a second, and already a apparent gap was aperture up amid these two and the rest, who were led – and captivated up – by Caffi, Dallara and Pirelli.

Already, Mansell was up from 12th to eighth: “I knew I had to get a acceptable start, accomplish up a lot of places early, and I got about four cars at the aboriginal corner. Right, I thought, I’ve survived that; don’t draft it.

“I got ashore a bit abaft Boutsen and Alessandro Nannini, but I didn’t appetite to push. It was important to accumulate the tyres in acceptable shape.”

Nigel, in the end, had autonomous for Goodyear Cs, admitting Patrese, Senna and Prost had gone for Bs. There wasn’t a abundant aberration in wear; it was a amount of what formed on which: Ferrari had a little too abundant oversteer on Bs, McLaren too abundant advance on Cs. Hence their decisions were fabricated for them.

Autosport 70: The greatest F1 Hungarian GP

Pirelli’s chase elastic wasn’t wonderful.

“There’s no grip, whatever you run,” Brundle had said afore the race. “So, that actuality the case, we may as able-bodied run the tyre with no anchor that’s activity to aftermost the distance…”

Caffi’s Dallara was analogously shod, which explained why he bare a adequately barbarous address to accumulate Berger and Prost abaft him. On lap four, Gerhard fabricated it by, but Alain was alert blocked into the aboriginal turn, and it was a abruptness that the Honda couldn’t added actually accord with the Cosworth beforehand in the pitstraight.

Waiting has never been Senna’s game; if he could accept anesthetized Patrese, he would accept done. On the straights he acquired a little, but no grip, he said, Riccardo’s car had a audible edge

“From the start,” Prost said, “I had agent problems. The analeptic botheration I had in the countdown was still there, and additionally the agent was acid out intermittently. I was apathetic accepting off the bend assimilate the straight, which fabricated overtaking added difficult.”

On lap eight, though, the No 2 McLaren was past, and into fourth place, admitting now a connected way aback of Patrese, Senna and Berger. And Caffi angled himself to the assignment of captivation up Boutsen, Nannini and Mansell, which he managed with some efficiency.

The Senna believers were now alpha to accept doubts. Ayrton had actively threatened Patrese’s advance for a brace of laps, but now the Williams had pulled bright again, never beneath than a added ahead, sometimes added than two.

Waiting has never been Senna’s game; if he could accept passed, he would accept done. On the straights he acquired a little, but no grip, he said, Riccardo’s car had a audible edge. He knew he was in a chase this time; Berger was alike affective in on his added place. And Prost, with a bright clue afore him, was communicable everyone. The afternoon promised well.

Autosport 70: The greatest F1 Hungarian GP

Lap 12 saw Nannini into the pits for tyres. He had no atrocious allegation of new ones, but had developed balked with sitting in the chain abaft Caffi. Now, he reasoned, ability be a acute time to stop. But it abandoned him to 19th, gave him a lot to do.

By the end of lap 16 we had a four-car alternation at the arch of the field, for Prost had anchored himself to Patrese, Senna and Berger. And at this point we additionally had spots of rain; not acceptable to accomplish anyone anticipate of a change to wets, but conceivably a augury of worse to come. For now, though, it fabricated little aberration to the clip at the front.

By now Mansell had affronted of sitting abaft Caffi and Boutsen, and in abbreviate adjustment dealt with each: “Basically I had a quiet Sunday afternoon for 20 laps or so, until I got a bit annoyed, and started to push. The ammunition amount had lightened, and my tyres were perfect.”

It was lap 22, and the Ferrari was about 18 abnormal afloat of Prost, aftermost man in the arch quartet. A quintet it would anon be. That abundant was accessible from the acceleration at which Nigel bankrupt – about a added a lap.

Boutsen, still ashore abaft Caffi, followed Nannini’s example, and chock-full for tyres on lap 22. “I was accepting to acclimate to the administration of the added car, which I didn’t like actual much. But on new tyres it was abundant bigger – I fabricated the appropriate choice.”

We ability accept accepted a admission of tyre changes now, but they didn’t come. Best of the frontrunners were still in acceptable shape, although Berger wasn’t sure, and came in on lap 30. The Ferrari mechanics did their assignment swiftly, sending him out in sixth place, but Gerhard’s aboriginal set had been absolutely intact. And this allotment of advice they radioed to Mansell…

Autosport 70: The greatest F1 Hungarian GP

In the amplitude of two laps the Marches disappeared. Ivan Capelli and Mauricio Gugelmin had run acerb from the start, both in the aboriginal 10. But Ivan absent his left-rear caster aback the drive pegs sheared, and Mauricio retired with article beeline out of Peter Ustinov’s Grand Prix of Gibraltar.

“You wouldn’t accept it,” grimaced artist Adrian Newey, “but he asked for an electric pump to be adapted to his drinks bottle. And the blood-soaked activity shorted out adjoin the bench belts.”

Autosport 70: The absent F1 aggregation that launched Newey

Both Arrows drivers played a arresting allotment at the Hungaroring, their cars abundant bigger counterbalanced on chase day. Derek Warwick had run in the aboriginal 10 from the beginning, but came in afterwards 33 laps to accept the rear of the car arrested over; he acquainted it was alpha to booty over the council from him. The stop was a connected one.

Lap 38 of 77: now Patrese, Senna, Prost and Mansell were circulating as a bound bunch, and we wondered who, if anyone, would appear as the man to booty charge

“It wasn’t that I bare new tyres,” Derek said. “What afraid me was the achievability of burst suspension, and they had to analysis it over carefully. Annihilation was found, and apparently it was a caster advancing loose, because aback they afflicted my tyres the car was absolute again.”

That abandoned him from a advancing seventh to a balked 17th. Warwick exited the pits quickly, gunned the car bottomward to the aboriginal turn. As one would.

But at the aforementioned moment Satoru Nakajima accustomed with his Lotus, and instead of abetment off he approved to go about the Arrows. They hit. Warwick connected afterwards damage, but Nakajima spun abroad into the guardrail acutely hard.

Autosport 70: The greatest F1 Hungarian GP

Lap 38 of 77: now Patrese, Senna, Prost and Mansell were circulating as a bound bunch, and we wondered who, if anyone, would appear as the man to booty charge. Riccardo, it had to be said, looked actual composed, but Senna and Prost were still appropriate there, and Mansell… well, we knew how abundant time he had fabricated up on them afterwards his beforehand delays.

Not too far away, either, was the re-tyred Berger. Indeed, if the others were to allegation beginning elastic backward in the proceedings, Gerhard was attractive a complete bet. Perhaps, unknowingly, he had done the appropriate activity at the appropriate time.

The account afflicted fundamentally on lap 41, began to booty its ultimate shape. Patrese was still advanced of Senna, but now Mansell was up to third, and Prost was falling acutely back.

“It was hopeless aloof then,” he said. “Cutting out all the time. And the Ferrari was administration abundant bigger than we were. I aloof hoped the agent would accomplish it to the finish. Afterwards a few laps the botheration abolished for a bit, afresh came back, afresh went…”

Gradually Prost slipped aback into Berger’s clutches, but Alain had an accessory in the appearance of Warwick, whose Arrows, while lapped by the leaders afterwards its pitstop, was now animate able-bodied – able-bodied abundant to accumulate Gerhard’s Ferrari from passing.

Afterwards the Austrian was acutely angry. Not abandoned was he actuality delayed in his following of Prost, he said, but additionally actuality reeled in for fifth abode – by Warwick’s team-mate, Eddie Cheever, who as anytime was advancing absolutely animate on chase day. Warwick, unimpressed, acquainted Berger should accept been able to acquisition a way by if he were that abundant quicker. He, afterwards all, was active every bit as fast as the leaders, had a point to make.

Patrese’s dream began to bright on lap 51: the baptize temperature was starting to go up; the ability to go down. Bottomward the connected pitstraight Senna aimed to the appropriate of the Williams, and at aftermost the accustomed red-and-white was in front. So that was that. Here came Senna’s fifth win of the season.

Autosport 70: The greatest F1 Hungarian GP

Next time about Mansell, too, was accomplished Patrese, and at the alpha of lap 55 Riccardo pulled off abruptly. The spectators’ acclaim he apparently never heard as he absolved aback to the pits, tears of acerbity in his eyes.

“I acquainted absolutely blessed and assured in the lead,” he said, “until the temperature began to go up. But eventually I radioed the pits that the agent seemed about to blow, and what should I do? But afore they answered, I told them, ‘I anticipate I stop’.”

Something solid had punched a aperture through the baptize radiator. It was as simple as that. As in Montreal, the adverse man had conceivably absent a chase through no accountability of his own.

“When I anesthetized Prost, he was actual fair about it, and gave me room. But Senna was a altered matter. I knew I’d accept to grab any befalling that came up” Nigel Mansell

Senna and Mansell were bisected a added apart. The two best uncompromising racers in Formula 1. This, addition said, ability end in tears, abrogation nine credibility for the afflicted Prost. At all events, Nigel would not agilely chase Ayrton over the line.

Now we saw that the assignment of the antecedent afternoon had been able-bodied done. The Hungaroring about has aloof one casual spot, into the aboriginal turn, at the end of the pitstraight. But all day Mansell had been activity by added cars in places off banned to anybody else. The Ferrari was that sharp, that deft. It didn’t accept the straightline acceleration of Senna’s McLaren-Honda, but absolutely it came off the corners better.

“When I anesthetized Prost,” Nigel said, “he was actual fair about it, and gave me room. I anticipate he was in trouble, anyway. But Senna was a altered matter. I knew I’d accept to grab any befalling that came up.”

One came up on lap 58. Out of the new right-hander (bypassing the old chicane), the two had Stefan Johansson’s Onyx in advanced of them. Stefan had fabricated several stops for absorption to his accessory linkage, and wasn’t activity awfully quickly. But he kept over to the left, out of the way.

Autosport 70: The greatest F1 Hungarian GP

Ayrton, untypically, hesitated aloof a atom afore flicking appropriate to go by. And it amount him dear, for by now Nigel was appropriate there, activity for the gap. They about touched, but didn’t. And Mansell’s added drive was abundant to accumulate him in advanced forth the straight, into the abutting corner.

Putting the Ferrari’s above administration and anchor to work, he pulled out abundant of a advance to be safe from advance on the pitstraight. Senna, astonishingly, had led for abandoned six laps. McLarens sometimes fail; rarely are they passed.

Joy in the Ferrari pit was choleric by the realisation that Berger’s car was missing. Gearbox again, as Gerhard had feared afterwards the warm-up, aback the burden in the hydraulic arrangement had been low. His adulation activity with Maranello is acutely at an end.

As Mansell pulled abroad in the lead, the focal point of the closing laps was Cheever’s active following of Prost. On lap 62, to accepted amazement, the Frenchman was into the pits.

“It was annihilation to do with my agent problems,” Alain reported. “Just afore Patrese blew up, my affectation was covered in oil brume from his car – in fact, I had to drive off band to accumulate abroad from it, and my tyres best up all kinds of debris. So I came in for a new set.”

The stop went well, but now Prost was 17s abaft the Arrows. He bargain the gap swiftly, but Cheever fabricated it bright he wasn’t about to action his abode to Alain, on one break accommodating the McLaren disciplinarian to angle on his brakes at the aboriginal turn. Eventually Prost fabricated it by on the aftermost lap, but fourth didn’t acclamation him too much.

Autosport 70: The greatest F1 Hungarian GP

“Not such a acceptable weekend,” he commented. “And the affliction thing, I think, is that I feel added and added abandoned in this team…”

Senna fabricated no attack to get on agreement with Mansell in the dying laps; absolutely could not. “I had a bad tyre beating appear the end,” he said, and there were suggestions, too, that the Honda V10 had accepted accidentally agog on this occasion.

“I anticipate maybe it was the best of my life. On a par with Silverstone 1987, anyway” Nigel Mansell

Boutsen’s third abode was alleviation for Williams, but hardly the aftereffect of a acclaimed drive – not in the ambience of Patrese’s performance. Abaft Prost there were Cheever, appropriately in the points, and Nelson Piquet, who ran abandoned for best of the afternoon.

It hadn’t looked like Mansell’s day – not alike aback he’d set fastest time in the warm-up. Bodies don’t win grands prix from the sixth row, afterwards all. But Nigel’s drive was altogether paced, chiefly advancing abandoned aback it bare to be.

“I anticipate maybe it was the best of my life,” he said. “On a par with Silverstone 1987, anyway.”

Race of my life: Nigel Mansell on the 1986 British Grand Prix

Then he committed the win to Enzo Ferrari, about a year afterwards the Old Man’s death. Monza will be article else.

Autosport 70: The greatest F1 Hungarian GP

Before Monza, Senna would win a hard-fought Belgian GP in catchy conditions, Prost and Mansell finishing aural 1.824s of the Brazilian.

At Monza for the Italian GP, Mansell and Berger put their Ferraris added and third on the grid, but it was McLaren’s chase – Senna arch until hitting agent problems, abrogation Prost to win. By then, Prost knew he was on his way to Ferrari as the accord aural McLaren with Senna became added and added strained.

At the penultimate annular at Suzuka, with Senna defective to win to accumulate the appellation action alive, the two clashed at the chicane. Senna resumed, alveolate for a new nose, and answerable aback to win. But he was afresh befuddled out for not rejoining at the actual atom at the chicane, handing Benetton’s Nannini his abandoned F1 victory. McLaren appealed the accommodation but lost, consistent in Prost demography his third apple acme – and the cardinal 1 to Ferrari for 1990.

Apart from his third abode at Spa, Mansell didn’t accomplishment addition chase afterwards his Hungaroring triumph, while team-mate Berger’s luck went the added way. He assuredly took his aboriginal accomplishment of the division with added abode at Monza (round 12!) and afresh won the Portuguese GP, Berger’s fourth and final achievement in his aboriginal assignment with Ferrari afore he abutting McLaren.

Such had been Ferrari’s poor reliability, however, that Patrese – the disciplinarian who could accept won in Hungary – took third in the drivers’ standings abaft the McLaren duo. Team-mate Boutsen took his added win of the year in the wet Australian GP afterpiece (below) but still had his best day in Hungary to come…

Autosport 70: The greatest F1 Hungarian GP

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