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Ah, the joys of the affiliated life: opportunities to appoint with all-around communities, be accomplished and entertained, and boutique with ease. But these go duke in cuff with intrusions from marketers and threats from criminals. The tips here, aggregate with ascribe from dozens of aegis experts, will admonition you booty control. We additionally accept pulled out a beneath annual of aloof seven, super-fast accomplish you can booty appropriate now, in beneath than 10 minutes. And Julia Angwin, the columnist of “Dragnet Nation,” shares her adventure for aloofness and aegis in the agenda age.

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You can activate with either annual or the essay—and you don’t accept to chase every tip, or alike best of them. The important thing? Aloof get started. 

1. Analysis Your Abstracts Aperture StatusWondering whether your claimed abstracts is for auction on the web? At haveibeenpwned.com you can analysis your email addresses and usernames adjoin lists from 120 accepted breaches at com-panies including Adobe, LinkedIn, and Snapchat. (You’ll allegation to annals to analysis the abounding database.) If your name ancestor up, change the countersign for the compromised annual and any added armpit where—tut, tut—you were application the aforementioned password. (Bonus tip: Pros accent “pwned” as “poned,” not “pawned.”)

2. Stop WiFi ImpostersLaptops, smartphones, and added WiFi-enabled accessories can automatically affix to accustomed networks. That’s convenient—no one wants to admission a countersign for their home or assignment WiFi every day—but it can additionally be risky. A hacker can set up a rogue WiFi arrangement with the aforementioned name as a accepted one such as “Google Starbucks” or attwifi and ambush your accessories into abutting it.

Periodically get a beginning alpha by application your devices’ arrangement or WiFi settings to clip the networks you accompany automatically. Best accessories let you annul networks one by one, but if you accept an iPhone or iPad, you allegation to go to Reset Arrangement settings beneath General settings and annul all of them at once.

3. Use 10-Minute Mail (watch video below)

4. See Who Aggregate Your Clandestine DataSometimes you allegation to annals for a website with your absolute email address, say, if you plan to log in afresh to accomplish purchases. Here’s a accurate drudge for ferreting out which companies are administration your abstracts with email lists, if you accept a Gmail account: Blazon “ ” afore the @ attribute and add the website’s name. Email addressed to YourName [email protected] will go to the approved inbox for [email protected] But now it will backpack an added atom of data, and if you get spam from a aggregation you’ve never heard of, you’ll apperceive whom to blame.

Set a countersign or PIN for every laptop, smartphone, and book you own. Any absent accessory after a awning lock is an bent aperture for thieves, who may be able to admission your email, banking, and amusing accounts, alteration passwords and demography ascendancy of your agenda life. Here’s how to do a awning lock right:

5. Go Long (watch video below)

6. Try to Be Different . . .Don’t use any of the afterward PINs because they’re far too common, accounting for about 20 percent of those currently in use: 0000, 1111, 1212, and 1234.

7. . . . But Not Too PersonalYour bearing date? The aftermost four digits of your Amusing Aegis number? Your buzz number? Those are all terrible, horrible, no-good, actual bad PINs. Don’t use them.

9. Atom These 5 Document TypesDo you absolutely allegation to abort every allotment of cardboard that has your name and abode on it? “Probably not, but I atom a lot,” says Kelley Long, a CPA and certified banking artist at Banking Finesse, a aggregation assassin by HR departments to drillmaster advisers on claimed banking issues. In particular, Continued recommends antibacterial any health-related documents. “Medical character theft is a growing threat,” she says.

Your Long-approved annual of paperwork to atom includes any abstracts absolute the following:

• Amusing Aegis cardinal (even aloof the aftermost four digits)• Bearing date• Acclaim agenda numbers• Annual numbers from banking institutions• Medical allowance numbers

10. Shut Off the Flow of Acclaim Agenda OffersThese unsolicited mailings can be intercepted and abounding out by character thieves who accept acclaim cards beatific to their own addresses, afresh alpha axle up debt in your acceptable name. You can put a stop to best of these offers by action to optoutprescreen.com or calling 888-567-8688. The service, run by the Consumer Acclaim Advertisement Industry, will about-face off the bung assuredly or for bristles years. You can consistently opt aback in.

11. Receive Beneath MailWhen you accord a aggregation your name and address, affairs are acceptable that the admonition will be added to direct-marketing lists and acclimated by added companies to accelerate you solicitations. Go to dmachoice.org to abolish your admonition from abounding commitment lists if you don’t appetite the offers.

12. Return to SenderLife as a direct-marketing target: You go to the mailbox, clarify out the offers you don’t want, put them in the recycling bin—and repeat. But if an exceptionable envelope is printed with the byword “Address Correction Requested” or “Return Postage Guaranteed,” you accept an alternative. You can abode “Refused/Return to Sender” and mail it back—no postage required. You’ll accumulate your recycling bin graceful while authoritative the business aggregation pay the return-trip postage. It’s a tiny win, but still a win.



13. About-face On Automated UpdatesKeeping your software abreast is the best analytical footfall you can booty to addition security, according to professionals surveyed aftermost year by Google. “Software updates are like oil changes,” says Mark Surman, controlling administrator of the Mozilla Foundation. “They can be a altercation in the moment but a charity in hindsight.” Hackers are consistently abject added vulnerabilities, while aegis pros comedy ceaseless malware whack-a-mole. If you’ve got old software, you’re missing the latest protections. “Most avant-garde software will amend itself if you let it,” Surman says. Accomplish abiding you accept auto-updates angry on beyond the board.



It’s accessible to actualize passwords that are difficult for hackers to crack, but not abundant bodies do it. Jeremi Gosney, the arch of the password-security close Sagitta HPC and co-founder of a hacker appointment alleged PasswordsCon, afresh absurd 173 actor of them in aloof six days. That represented 98 percent of the passwords baseborn from LinkedIn in a huge abstracts aperture in 2012.

A above problem, Gosney says, is that best passwords are aloof too predictable. “We apperceive every ambush bodies use: adopted words, cine or book titles, patterns on the keyboard, annihilation you can anticipate of,” he says. And it doesn’t booty continued for experts armed with the latest computer technology to run through all of the accustomed patterns.

Strong passwords accept two things in common: They abstain patterns and they’re aloof too accursed continued for a brute-force attack—in which a computer runs through every accessible aggregate of characters—to succeed. But bold that a countersign is a absolutely accidental accumulating of characters, how continued is continued enough? Aegis experts use some quick algebraic to get the answer. That’s the theory, but you don’t allegation to crisis numbers to addition your countersign potency. Aloof do the following:

15. Stop Authoritative SenseOne way to accomplish a abundant countersign is to cord calm different words. “It’s the Diceware method, in effect,” Gosney says. Diceware is a low-tech way to aces passwords that was developed in the 1990s. You cycle dice to aces from a annual of 7,776 words. But you don’t accept to absolutely cycle dice. Aloof aces bristles long, accidental words and cord them calm into a nonsense book that you can remember.

16. Use a Countersign ManagerHere’s the rub: We all accept a lot of passwords, and it’s boxy to bethink continued strings of accidental characters. Countersign managers can accomplish a complex, different countersign for anniversary account. “They acclimated to be adamantine to navigate, or you had to archetype and paste,” Gosney says. “But now they absolutely annihilate accomplish from my workflow.” He brand LastPass and 1Password. (LastPass was afraid aftermost year, but users’ passwords allegedly remained safe.) You’ll still allegation one well-crafted countersign for your countersign administrator account—so analysis Tip 15.

17. Got a Abundant One? Okay, Abode It Down.Everyone tells you not to accomplish your passwords to paper. Ignore that. “As continued as you’re not abrogation Post-it addendum beneath keyboards, it’s absolutely air-conditioned to abode passwords down,” Gosney says. He keeps basic passwords—including the one for his countersign administrator and his phone’s lock screen—in a closed envelope to be opened alone if he’s incapacitated. That way, his admired ones can admission his online accounts to pay bills and booty affliction of added business.

18. Be Countersign LoyalPeople additionally acquaint you to change passwords regularly. Don’t, unless there’s a acceptable reason, such as responding to a abstracts breach. About-face generally and you’ll apparently end up application anemic options.

Password Math

Step 1. E stands for “entropy,” which is the adverse of an ordered pattern. Anarchy is good: The bigger the E, the harder a countersign is to crack.

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Step 2. Let’s say your keyboard has 95 different characters. If you’re about amalgam a countersign from that accomplished set, R=95.

Step 3. Let’s say you accept a 12-character password. If so, L=12.

Step 4. The cardinal R to the L ability is 540,360,087,662,636,962,890,625—which is how abounding accessible passwords you’ve got. Quite a mouthful, isn’t it?

Step 5. That cardinal is the aforementioned as 2 to the 78.9th power—and the log abject 2 of that is 78.9. In info-security lingo, it’s 78.9 $.25 of entropy. That approaches the “exponential wall,” area a countersign could booty ages to crack. And yes, 12 characters best at accidental from a keyboard will do the job. 

Or aloof see Tip 15.

19. Stop ID Annexation After a DeathIdentity annexation affects 2.5 actor estates every year, according to the IRS. If a admired one has died, accelerate a archetype of the afterlife affidavit to the IRS (the burial home may admonition with that). Also, abolish any driver’s license, and acquaint acclaim agencies, banks, allowance firms, and banking institutions.

20. Go Belt and Suspenders With Two-Factor Authentication (watch video below)

By Lorrie Cranor, Chief Technologist, Federal Trade Commission, Washington, D.C.

Early one black aftermost spring, my adaptable buzz chock-full working. I wasn’t too worried, but the abutting morning my husband’s buzz wasn’t working, either. We went to one of the carrier’s food and abstruse that two iPhones had been purchased on our account.

When I alleged the carrier’s artifice department, the rep accepted that addition had “upgraded” our two phones and transferred our numbers.

I anon logged in to my annual and afflicted the password. I additionally placed a artifice active with the credit-reporting agencies. And I had to absorb abounding hours accepting the carrier to accomplishment charwoman up the mess.

But I still didn’t apperceive how the annexation happened. Area 609(e) of the Fair Acclaim Advertisement Act requires companies to accommodate victims of character annexation with all business annal accompanying to the incident. So I abounding out a arrangement at identitytheft.gov, a armpit run by the Federal Trade Commission area you can abode thefts like this, and mailed it in to the carrier.

Two months later, I accustomed the records. I abstruse that the bandit had acquired the iPhones in Ohio, hundreds of afar from my home, at one of my adaptable carrier’s retail stores. She acclimated a affected ID with my name and her photo. According to the records, the abundance agent “followed able affidavit procedures.”

The bandit apparently awash the phones quickly. And as far as I know, she hasn’t been caught.

To accumulate it from accident to you:

21. Activate a PINSprint requires barter to set a PIN and aegis questions for their accounts, and the added above adaptable providers action barter the option. Booty it. Having a PIN can admonition accumulate strangers from authoritative changes to your account.

22. Watch Your BillsMany wireless affairs are based on a collapsed rate, so accomplish abiding your bill is constant from ages to month. If it’s not, booty a afterpiece attending at your account.

24. Analysis on the KidsMinors had their character baseborn 51 times added generally than adults in a abstraction by advisers at Carnegie Mellon University. Accumulate an eye out for belletrist from accumulating agencies, bills for contributed balances, or a admonishing that ancestor up aback you try to book your taxes electronically if you annual your adolescent as a dependent. But sometimes there’s no adumbration that a accessory is a victim of character theft. To be safe, appeal belletrist from the three big credit-rating agencies by the time your accouchement about-face 15. That will accord you time to bright up any problems afore they administer for academy loans, jobs, or acclaim cards.

Web-connected accessories affiance convenience, but some can aperture clandestine data. Here’s how to accumulate your admonition safe.

25. Lock Bottomward Your Baby MonitorHackers sometimes breach into WiFi-connected babycams, alike hijacking the speakers to allocution to accouchement and caretakers. That’s generally because users don’t apperceive to change the absence settings. Aback you set up any internet-enabled camera, actualize a different username and password. Also, about-face off the babycam aback it’s not in use. That will accomplish hackers beneath acceptable to ascertain it.

26. Outwit Your Acute TVAutomatic agreeable acceptance (ACR) systems congenital into abounding acute televisions abode abstracts to analytics companies that may use it for marketing. You’ve already paid for your TV with money. If you don’t appetite to pay afresh with your data, coursing through your TV’s “smart” settings for the feature—which may be alleged Alive Plus, SynPlus, or annihilation but ACR—and about-face it off.

27. Shut Bottomward Webcam Creeps (watch video below)

Lots of actuality that’s accomplished at home—hanging out in your PJs, application WiFi book sharing, bistro peanut adulate from the jar—is absolutely inappropriate at a coffee shop. Here’s how to get your laptop accessible to leave your home network.

28. Deploy Your Firewall (watch video below)

29. Restrict Book SharingFile administration makes it accessible to bandy abstracts amid devices. If you’re on your home network, that’s good. Aback you’re on accessible WiFi, it’s bad. About-face it off beneath the Administration settings on your computer.

30. Cloak Your ComputerYou aloof angry off book sharing, right? Additionally about-face off Arrangement Discovery to accomplish it added difficult for added accessories on the arrangement to acquisition your laptop. On PCs, it’s beneath Advanced Administration settings. Mac users can admission Stealth approach through Firewall Options.

31. Do All of This AutomaticallyClicking abroad at laptop airheaded every time you leave home can be annoying. Windows makes it accessible to automate the action application Advanced Administration settings. Also, whenever you accompany a new WiFi network, Windows asks whether to add it to your “home” or “public” profile; the operating arrangement forgets the accessible networks aback you log off. To do commodity commensurable on a Mac, use the free-to-download ControlPlane app.

32. Use a VPNVirtual clandestine networks avenue your cartage through a distinct alien server that has bound aegis in place. Traveling with a assignment laptop? About-face on your company’s VPN alike for claimed use, if that doesn’t battle with aggregation policies. Or accede application a paid annual such as IVPN or the chargeless VPN that was afresh alien by the Opera web browser.

33. You Apperceive What? Aloof Affected It.Toymakers are rolling out affiliated kids’ products—including tablets and talking dolls—and allurement families to admit claimed admonition to annals them. But that about provides marketers and abeyant hackers with capacity about your children. So accede accouterment affected information. For an address, may we advance Bart Simpson’s—742 Evergreen Terrace?

“Encryption is for everybody—activists, journalists, secretaries, grandmas,” says Matt Mitchell, aka Geminiimatt, an info-security adviser and host of annual cryptography-instruction gatherings in Harlem. “When you mail a letter, you allowance the envelope so no one can apprehend it. It’s the aforementioned abstraction with your abstracts and encryption.” Basically, encryption scrambles your abstracts so that it’s cacographic by anyone who doesn’t accept permission to admission it.

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34. Do Your Buzz First“Your smartphone knows aggregate about you,” Mitchell credibility out. New iOS and abounding Android smartphones are encrypted by default; if you accept an earlier adaptable OS, you’ll allegation to go into Settings.

35. Next, Your Computer FilesYou can encrypt your accomplished apparatus or aloof acute files. To encrypt specific files on a Mac, use the Disk Utility. Windows 10 Home users can download a chargeless app such as GPG4win (aka Gnu Aloofness Guard).

36. Finally, Your USB DriveFlash drives can be misplaced—along with your files. Mitchell recommends Apricorn beam drives with congenital encryption. He says they’re cher but annual it, starting at $99 for 8GB.

It doesn’t bulk ancient money to use Facebook, but you pay for admission with your data, which is vacuumed up by the $350 billion behemoth in agency both accessible and hidden. Booty these accomplish to addition aloofness and absolute how abundant Facebook—and its ally and users—can apprentice about you.

37. Accumulate GPS Abstracts PrivateFacebook can abstract your abode from your adaptable phone. But you can about-face the action off application your buzz settings. For an iPhone, you’ll acquisition the controls beneath Location Services. If you’ve got an Android device, attending beneath Facebook Permissions in Applications Manager.

38. About-face on Log-In ApprovalsThis is Facebook’s name for two-factor authentication. (What’s that? See Tip 20.) It keeps strangers from accessing your account—even if they abduct your password.

39. Become ElusiveDon’t appetite bodies award your Facebook folio aback they blazon your name into a chase engine? You can change that and added beneath the “Who Can Attending Me Up?” area of Facebook Settings.

40. Leave a GroupFacebook lets users add accompany to groups after their consent. But you can abolish yourself from any accumulation by action to your Action Log.

41. Reduce Ad OverloadYou apperceive those posts that apprehend “So-and-so brand this” with a sponsored link? You can abstain actuality acclimated in ads by tinkering with Facebook’s Ad settings.

42. Adumbrate ID-Theft CluesYour birthday. Your hometown. Your alma mater. Those are all things Facebook can acknowledge to the world—and they’re answers to abeyant aegis questions. Adumbrate such admonition by application the Aloofness Checkup Tool begin beneath the padlock on the high appropriate of any Facebook page.

A brace of years ago, Craig Young, who works on the Vulnerability and Exposures Research Team at a aegis close alleged Tripwire, begin that 20 of the 25 best accepted home routers awash on Amazon independent big aegis holes. (Some of those accept aback been patched.) And in 2014, it took Young aloof a few hours to acquisition 10 flaws in wireless routers during a antagonism at Def Con, a hacking appointment in Las Vegas.

This is bad, because the laptops, smartphones, and added accessories you use at home all affix to the internet through your router. And so do web-connected accessories such as acute TVs and some aegis cams and children’s toys. Here’s how you can accomplish your router added secure. The accomplished action shouldn’t booty added than 10 minutes.

44. Acquisition an Ethernet CableThen use it to briefly affix the router to your computer. You’ll be afterlight your router’s firmware. And accident your affiliation during that action could about-face your router into a doorstop. It’s safer to await on ancient affairs and plugs.

45. Get the IP NumberEvery router has two IP (internet protocol) addresses, an alien one for communicating with the internet through a modem and an centralized one for your laptop, acute TV, and added devices. To accomplish changes to your router’s settings, you allegation to admission it through your browser application the bounded IP address. (Owners of Apple’s Airport routers who accept a Mac can accomplish changes via Airport Utility.)

The bounded IP abode is actual acceptable to be, but you can double-check by attractive in the router’s manual. Absent it? Go to www.routeripaddress.com and admission the archetypal name to acquisition it. You’re in. Congratulations! Now let’s get to work.

46. Amend the Username and PasswordIf you never afflicted the absence settings, do that now. (See Tips 15-18 for countersign advice.)

47. Change the SSID . . .Your SSID—service set identifier—is your home network’s name. Alter the absence SSID with commodity added artistic but not too personal. There’s no allegation to analyze this as your network, is there?

48. . . . Afresh Adumbrate ItRouter settings acquiesce you to adumbrate your WiFi arrangement from prying outsiders. Note that already you do this, you’ll stop seeing the arrangement pop up in your own devices’ WiFi lists, and you’ll allegation to blazon the SSID into anniversary accessory you appetite to connect.

49. Embrace EncryptionFasten your abracadabra seatbelts: You allegation to about-face from WEP to WPA2-AES and attenuate the PIN adjustment of application WPS. These acronyms represent agency to encrypt communications on your WiFi network. You appetite WPA2-AES because it’s the newest and strongest. If you accept absolutely old devices, they may not be able to affix this way. And that agency it’s time to alter them.

50. Amend FirmwareSome routers today automatically amend their firmware—they analysis for updates, install new software, and reboot in the average of the night. But not all of them do—and abounding routers that say they accept automated updates crave users to log on and hit “Okay.” So do that.

51. Accomplish Abiding Alien Management Is OffAre you action to allegation to change your router settings aback you’re far abroad from home? Apparently not. Do you appetite to acquiesce anyone abroad to do it? No, so accomplish abiding that this affection is disabled. It’s generally referred to either as Alien Management, Alien Access, or Alien Administration.

52. Shut It DownGoing out of town? About-face off the router unless you allegation it to admission acute accessories such as your thermostat or a aegis camera.

53. And, Uh—Maybe Get a New RouterSigns it could be time for an upgrade: One, the router is too old to accept WPA2-AES (see Tip 49); or two, it follows an old WiFi accepted such as 802.11b or 802.11g. If you’re accepting a new router, skip 802.11n accessories and accept one that follows the newer, faster 802.11ac standard. (We know—more jargon. Consult our wireless routers affairs adviser for added details.)

54. Analysis Links Afore You ClickSuspicious of a articulation in an email or online ad? Analysis its assurance with Sucuri SiteCheck or urlvoid.com. First, hover over the apprehensive articulation and the abounding abode will arise in the basal bend of your browser; right-click to admission the drop-down menu, and baddest Archetype Link. Now adhesive the URL into your articulation checker to get a report. Foolproof? No. A acceptable adumbration if there’s a problem? Yes.

Web browsers don’t appear with every aegis you ability want. Download extensions to advance security. 

55. Add HTTPS EverywhereWhen you see “https” and a blooming padlock alongside a URL in your browser’s abode bar, it agency that the abstracts is encrypted as it campaign aback and alternating amid the website and your computer. (The “s” stands for “secure.”) Some sites that abutment https use it inconsistently. Add the HTTPS Everywhere extension, which you can download from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and your admission will be encrypted anytime you affix to a website that supports https. (Extensions are baby pieces of software that can enhance the functionality of web browsers.) HTTPS Everywhere works with the Chrome, Firefox, and Opera browsers.

56. Block SnoopsHate ads that steamroll over a web page? That’s not the bisected of it. Abounding ads, forth with webpage elements such as the Facebook “Like” button, accelerate admonition about your online action to their data-collecting masters.

“These ads aren’t like billboards” that aloof sit by the ancillary of a road, says Chris Jay Hoofnagle, who teaches aloofness and internet law at the University of California, Berkeley. “They’re alive cipher actuality run by bodies you don’t apperceive and should not trust.”

Extensions including Adblock Plus, Disconnect, Ghostery, Aloofness Badger, and uBlock abode this affair application capricious approaches. Best let you add URLs to a “whitelist” of sites they won’t check. You can do that if a admired website stops alive already you download the extension. There are additionally added settings you can use to acclimatize which ads get through.

By Raul Glasgow, Owner, Shortcircuited Computer Adjustment Services, Brooklyn, New York

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I do info-tech consulting and computer repair. I’m basically the computer guy for a cardinal of dental and medical offices. One day aftermost summer I got up and arrested on the server area I accumulate my website—and the armpit was aloof gone. The files were encrypted, and I saw a bulletin actualization in a pop-up window.

This wasn’t the aboriginal time I’d encountered ransomware, so I knew what the bulletin was action to say: To get the files aback I’d accept to pay the hackers in bitcoin, a agenda currency.

I started seeing ransomware attacks targeting some of my audience two or three years ago, and aback afresh it’s become added common.

The aboriginal time it was a dental office, and they were actuality told to pay about $2,000 in bitcoin to get their files back. But we were afraid they could lose the money if the hackers didn’t absolutely restore the files—after all, we didn’t apperceive who these guys were. We concluded up wiping aggregate and starting beginning with a new computer. We could do that because aggregate was backed up.

A few weeks afore my own armpit was hacked, addition dental appointment I assignment with had its patients’ X-rays encrypted by ransomware, and they had no backups of those files. The bribe was lower this time, about $300 annual of bitcoin, and the applicant absitively to pay up. There was no added acceptable option.

With my own website, I absolutely didn’t appetite to pay a bribe so I said the hell with it—I’m aloof action to restore aggregate from a backup.

That would accept been a big job.

But afresh I saw that one of the above anti-malware companies had a fix for at atomic some ransomware attacks—as continued as you had a few of the files backed up and knew what ransomware software was involved. It wasn’t commodity a lot of nontechnical bodies would be able to use, but it formed for me.

From what I’ve seen, antivirus companies are alive on the problem, and they’re starting to bolt up. But the hackers are introducing alike stronger encryption. And it’s not consistently absolute hackers, bodies with skills. Anyone can aloof go online these canicule and buy the software they allegation to alpha a ransomware business. Instead of ambidextrous drugs, a bent can get into hacking.

To accumulate it from accident to you:

57. Aback Up Your DataUse a arrangement that backs up your files automatically. If you’re hit with ransomware, you’ll accept the advantage of abating the data.

58. Accumulate Software UpdatedIdeally, set your computer and key programs to amend automatically (see Tip 13).

59. Try Haggling . . .Ransomware crooks are honing their “customer service,” according to Philip Casesa, a architect at the International Admonition Arrangement Aegis Certification Consortium. So it’s annual allurement for a bribe discount.

60. . . . But Not Appropriate AwayWait to bang on the pop-up until you’ve acquired bitcoin, which can booty time. The reason: The abyss will acceptable appoint a time absolute afore deleting your data—and the alarm starts active as anon as you click.

Pokémon Go is a adaptable game—maybe you’ve heard of it. It was downloaded an estimated 75 actor times in beneath than three weeks aftermost summer, breaking annal and alluring abyss armed with a phishing scam.

Phishing is aback addition poses as a accepted business to ambush consumers into acknowledgment information. In this case, fraudsters emailed Pokémon Go users adage that because of the acceptance of the app, the game’s servers were afflicted (that abundant was true) and that developers were starting to allegation users $12.99 per annual (a lie). The email prompted users to bang on a articulation that went to a website that looked like the absolute Pokémon Go armpit and log in to their accounts. The goal? To get passwords.

One way to break safe is to use two-factor authentication, which prevents a bent armed aloof with a countersign from accessing your accounts (see Tip 20).

Here are two more:

62. Scoff at Affected Email NoticesSurprised to acquisition an email from a coffer or amusing armpit allurement you to log on? Don’t click; accessible a new browser window and blazon in the abode of the aggregation website instead.

63. Alarm Customer ServiceBe careful if an academy asks for your log-on accreditation through email or a argument message. Instead of replying, alarm the company.

For a acutely all-knowing abstracts machine, the chase behemothic gives users a ample bulk of control.

64. Tweak the SettingsGo to My Annual to ascendancy what abstracts about you is actuality calm and how it’s actuality shared. In particular, go to the Claimed Admonition & Aloofness area to analysis Location, Search, and YouTube Chase History. You can annul annal one admission at a time or all at once, and if you’d like to, you can anticipate Google from recording abstracts action forward. Aloofness Checkup lets you ascendancy what shows up on Google , the amusing network.

65. Accomplish Google Forget YouReady to advance the big red Destruct button on Gmail, Google Drive, and the rest? You’ll still be able to use accoutrement such as Chase but your annual and—Google promises—the abstracts acclimated to ambition you with ads will disappear. Go to My Annual and attending for Annul Your Annual or Services. Booty a abysmal animation (you can’t disengage this) and chase the prompts.

66. Accumulate Your Fitness Abstracts to YourselfMany wearables are commutual with users’ smartphones application Bluetooth technology—but those phones may not be the alone accouterments blasting up the signals. A 2014 abstraction by the aegis close Symantec and a June 2015 abstraction by Germany’s AV-Test.org begin that abounding Bluetooth accessories don’t anticipate abstracts admission by “sniffers” amid nearby. Fitness trackers and active watches can advertisement acute admonition such as the user’s name, address, password, and GPS data. Not all trackers let you shut off Bluetooth, but abounding do. If possible, accumulate your wireless settings angry off until you accept to upload the abstracts to your buzz at the end of a conditioning or at night. (As an added benefit, that will extend the array life.)

More on Privacy

Editor’s Note: Reporting by Andrew Chaikivsky. Added advertisement by Tercius Bufete and Catherine Roberts. Special acknowledgment to Admission Now, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Federal Trade Commission, Fight for the Future, the Ford Foundation, the Mozilla Foundation, the Aloofness Rights Clearinghouse, and accessory assistant Lujo Bauer, who teaches computer aegis at Carnegie Mellon University.

This commodity additionally appeared in the November 2016 affair of Consumer Reports magazine.

More from Consumer Reports:Top aces tires for 2016Best acclimated cars for $25,000 and less7 best mattresses for couples

Consumer Belletrist has no accord with any advertisers on this website. Copyright © 2006-2016 Consumers Union of U.S.

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